What Men Want – Attracting Male Patients in the Digital Age

What men want

For most medical aesthetics practices, one of the greatest challenges is attracting male patients. While male aesthetics is still evolving as a category, statistics would indicate women are naturally more inclined to seek out solutions for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and body contouring for example.

However, hair health solutions, a procedure category that men have traditionally participated in has skyrocketed over the past several years. Non-surgical hair solutions have been one of the fastest growing categories for women as well.

To what can we attribute this growth? Increased physician adoption of non-surgical regenerative medicine procedures aided by the phenomenon of male-focused silicon valley-backed online telemedicine companies like Hims and Roman have together, brought demand for hair health solutions among men to an all-time high.

Firms like Hims and Roman are also pulling more millennial patients into the market. We believe this will serve as a catalyst for the professional practice that offer hair health procedures and products.

We hypothesize that the impersonal nature of online platforms and the challenge with compliance for home-use products will lead to patients eventually seeking out the personalized professional care. Every hair patient really needs a trained medical professional to design a treatment plan, monitor and track their progress with a customized solution throughout their lifetime.

Our message to medical practices with hair health solutions is simple. Be ready. The herd of male hair patients is coming!

We believe male patients, at record levels, will demand comprehensive treatment plans that include in-office and take home therapies.

We designed Votesse™ as the only hair health nutraceutical for men and women that is dispensed exclusively through medical professionals. It cannot be sold on third party internet retail sites like Amazon and eBay and Eclipse is not selling direct to consumer.

It is also the only Biotin-free oral nutraceutical with a complementary topical foam. In short, it will help you build and protect your brick and mortar hair health practice in the digital age.

Father’s Day is around the corner! Get your practice ready for the male patient with Votesse. To learn more about Votesse, please click here and your Eclipse representative will contact you with educational resources, product information and promotional offers.