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Prior to founding Eclipse in 1993, Tom held several leadership positions throughout his career in the medical device industry. Having mastered both disposable and capital equipment sales for companies like C.R. Bard, Tom’s track record of success quickly established Eclipse as the go-to company to launch new technology in the surgical laser industry.

Over time Tom transitioned Eclipse from a leader in the OR surgical laser market to a key player in the aesthetic laser industry. Starting in 2011 Eclipse began a new mission of increasing adoption of Platelet-rich Plasma on a national level.

His vision and leadership has helped Eclipse become one of the most successful medical device companies in its space. Tom’s new mission is to bring game-changing Eclipse technologies in Platelet-Rich Plasma, Microneedling and Shockwave Therapy to the entire globe.



Q: What are the characteristics of the Magic Needle?

The MAGIC NEEDLE is a micro-cannula designed for all types of fillers in cosmetic procedures.

  • A rounded extremity, which allows the cannula to slide through tissue
  • An innovative screw type hub for a better cannula attachment
  • A lateral hole with an indicator on the hub ‘MN’ to show orientation of the port for an homogenous application of product
  • Perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity allowing control of injection depth and direction
  • Excellent manufacturing quality due to new techniques for controlling granularity and an innovative surface treatment, producing high precision micro-cannula
  • Adaptable to each treatment area; face, legs, arms, hands, neckline, etc.
  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • New technique for new sensations. Patients will be more at ease
  • Reduction of the risk of ecchymosis . Rounded extremity reduces risk of ecchymosis and intra-vascular injection
  • Use of a single entry point. A single puncture to complete more than twenty injections through the same point
  • Perfect control of injection depth. The injection technique allows perfect control of the depth of the injection
  • An excellent application in the skin. Harmonious distribution and homogeneity of the injection
  • Rapidity of procedure. With a single puncture site for a wider treatment zone and using the a-traumatic sliding technique, procedures are quick and have broad coverage

Q: How do you use the Magic Needle?

We have created a new injection concept called the FAN-SHAPE injection.

How do you use the Magic Needle

Fan-Shape Technique Allows:

  • Fast, quality injections, minimized ecchymosis
  • Broad distribution of product
  • Smooth finish

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