Professional Hair Solutions: A Huge Growth Opportunity

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Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.” We hope Einstein actually did say this because he had a pretty wild mane and this article is about hair.

The fact is, we can all behave in a way that is technically “insane” within our own businesses. The current and unique environment has forced many of us to analyze whether the activities we spend the most time on are actually worth our time. Wouldn’t it be great if the things we loved doing the most also delighted our patients and maximized our earning potential?

Medical aesthetics professionals have come to accept that many of their most popular procedures are often “loss leaders” or rather, commodities that are in high demand but are not profitable. And in the unique environment today, each of your established procedures has to work harder for the health of your practice, while at the same time you explore additional revenue streams.

So, what does this have to do with hair?

In 2016, one of our customers, Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, cosmetic dermatologist, figured out how to get predictable outcomes for hair health patients with a quick, 5- to 10-minute, non-surgical procedure. He then took this revolutionary new solution on Good Morning America. The demand from the general public spiked and the rest is history.

With this breakthrough, the already popular professional home-use hair products could now be combined in a treatment plan that includes non-surgical procedures.

Back to the Einstein “insanity” quote. The most obviously missed opportunity in most aesthetics practices is that your skin rejuvenation and body contouring patients also have hair loss concerns.

40% of the female aesthetic patient base will experience hair loss by age 50[1]. An even higher percentage of the male population is already consuming professional hair health solutions. You can attract them as well simply by marketing something they already demand.

With our new nutraceutical, Votesse™, Eclipse can help your aesthetic patient base address their hair health concerns under your professional care and guidance.

Votesse is our collaboration with the most brilliant hair loss research minds in dermatology, including Dr. Jeff Rapaport. It is an oral nutraceutical with custom formulations for men and women, along with a topical foam. It is Biotin-free and uniquely complements professional in-office procedures, which is one of the reasons we insist that it remain exclusively physician-dispensed.

We see our hair-focused customers maximizing their practice’s revenue while exceeding patients’ expectations for results. We’re confident we can help you do the same.

To learn more about Votesse and how Eclipse can help you grow a new segment of your practice, click here.