MicroPen EVO

The Eclipse MicroPen EVO™ is the latest innovation in automated microneedling technology. With FDA Class II clearance, EVO gives your practice the confidence in the product and your acne scar patients the results they demand.

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Eclipse PRP

The Eclipse PRP® (Platelet-Rich Plasma) system allows you to simply eliminate red cells and white cells while sparing the majority of the platelets. This allows for a high concentration PRP with a low inflammatory profile.

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Eclipse’s new hair health solution offers an advanced system to enhance the revenue of your in-office treatments with an at-home program to improve hair health. Restore hope for healthier hair – inside and out – with Votesse, the one and only two-part hair health system for men & women.

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Eclipse eVive

eVive is a pulse wave therapy device that utilizes an internal ballistic projectile to transfer pulse energy through the handpiece.  The acoustic sound wave creates a therapeutic effect as it passes through the target tissue and results in a comfortable treatment with no downtime.

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Wearable laser phototherapy  (LPT)  hair growth  treatment device that reduces hair loss, thickens existing hair follicles by reversing miniaturization, and grows new hair follicles.

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