Help Patients Improve the Appearance of their Hair — Biotin-Free

Votesse supplement and foam

Your patients want fuller, healthier-looking hair—who doesn’t?—but certainly not at the expense of their health. By now, you’ve likely heard about the alarming safety risks recently announced by the FDA concerning the use of Biotin supplements for hair and nail health.

Why Biotin May Not be the Best Choice for Your Patients

Most research shows people with a balanced diet do not have a biotin deficiency. Nevertheless, conventional wisdom moves people to taking biotin supplements in hopes to support their metabolism, energy levels, and hair and nails.

Recent medical studies have revealed that it may interfere with potentially life-saving laboratory blood tests results. For instance, biotin is shown to affect blood tests that measure hormone levels as well as blood tests for troponin, causing falsely low cardiac troponin levels that could potentially lead to a missed diagnosis after a heart attack.

If that’s not concerning enough, it turns out that biotin may not impact the growth of hair and nails much at all, making its potential benefits negligible when compared to its risks and side effects.

Eclipse VOTESSE is 100% Biotin Free

Offer your patients a safer alternative to biotin: the all-new Eclipse VOTESSE™, which offers a combination approach to support fuller, healthier hair through an innovative, easy-to-use two-step system. Using the latest advancements in biotechnology, VOTESSE™ combines a scientifically developed oral supplement with a fast-absorbing topical hair foam to address hair health, from the inside out.

VOTESSE™ is a physician-formulated dietary supplement containing proprietary components to improve overall hair appearance. Key ingredients in VOTESSE™ have been shown to improve the hair’s appearance, increase fullness, and improve brightness. Best of all, it’s only available through physicians and medical professionals for patients to safely use at home under their direction.

Eclipse VOTESSE Benefits:

  • Physician-formulated, proprietary blends for men and women
  • Daily vitamin + daily probiotic + dietary supplement
  • Fast-absorbing topical hair foam
  • Contains all-natural vitamins and plant-based ingredients
  • Easy to swallow oral supplement, 100% drug-free
  • Biotin-free

Assure your patients the VOTESSE™ formula is 100% biotin free. Use this free PDF to show them what’s inside and how each of the ingredients supports their hair health.