Eclipse Outlook, Brighter Days Ahead as the Pandemic Storm Passes

Pandemic support blog

Though the days of the Coronavirus pandemic have been challenging beyond belief, brighter days ahead will require each of us to focus on recovery. The strong desire to keep our communities safe have kept us in place. Feelings of restlessness ripple under the surface, even as States unveil plans to reopen. Our temptation to despair can be overwhelming, but after experiencing the challenges of The Great Recession in 2008, hard times are no stranger to Eclipse.

We have a deep sense of gratitude to have survived that challenging time period in our company’s history. The ability to reinvent ourselves and shift to a different business model paid dividends. Our difficult journey taught Eclipse leadership how to survive, and even thrive as a company. Yes, we did stare into the economic abyss that shook our confidence. We did have genuine fear, but quickly learned not to give into defeat. I am certain, with wisdom and help from above, we survived and prospered!

Well, here we are again. We, as Americans, and of course, people throughout the entire world are facing unprecedented times as a result of the Coronavirus. The unthinkable has occurred as the virus rapidly became a pandemic. The disease has sadly taken thousands of lives, tireless health care workers across the U.S. have contracted the virus and many patients are now in recovery. Our economy has shut down. Our customers have closed their practices in order to honor CDC guidelines. Many people have lost their jobs, their livelihoods. Many lives have been disrupted and many are grieving the loss of loved ones. These are not easy times but brighter days, we are confident, are ahead.

As we work towards a new normal, Eclipse is honored to do our best to make a difference in the community at large.  As our customers open their doors, with every sale, Eclipse will make a contribution to Meals on Wheels America through the end of 2020, We believe this is a worthy cause that deserves our support. Please visit the link to learn more about this organization.

We are grateful to serve our incredible community of customers! There is hope and we look forward to your success and the success of your patients as we move forward together.

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Here’s to a bright future!

– Tom O’Brien and The Eclipse Team