Eclipse DermaFlex Microcannula

The Perfect Balance Between Rigidity and Flexibility

The Eclipse DermaFlex Cannula is designed to gently slide into the skin while reducing the risks and downtime associated with breaking vessels often seen with traditional rigid, sharp classic needles.

Blunt Tip

  • Slides into skin
  • Reduces risk of ecchymosis
DermaFlex Hub Marking

Hub Marking

  • Indicates orientation of the port
  • Increases injection precision
  • Consistent results
DermaFlex Depth Markers

Depth Markers

  • Indicates needle depth
  • Increases injection precision

Designed with a blunt tip, DermaFlex Cannulas do not cut through nerves or vessels. It offers the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, allowing the practitioner to control the injection depth and direction. 

Available in eight different sizes, each pack comes with the desired DermaFlex Cannula and recommended pilot needle specific to the selected cannula. Also unique to DermaFlex is the hub marking that allows the practitioner to know the position of the needle opening at all times. This helps to provide more control, more precision, and better results.


Minimizes pain

Minimizes risk of necrosis

Minimizes recovery time

Permits a better application

Multiple injections from single entry point

Control of injection depth

DermaFlex Risks

Although risks are minimized using the blunt tip of the DermaFlex Cannula, some risks may exist: pain, discomfort, infection, ecchymosis, tissue necrosis and allergic reaction.

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