Customer Success

Customer Success

Our success is directly tied to the success of our customers

Working with key leaders within the medical industry, we start with products that provide physicians with the solutions that their patients require while keeping the health of the practice in sharp focus. In addition to our products, we provide the ongoing support and training to ensure our relationships stay strong and beneficial to all parties. Being in the aesthetic industry for over 25 years has given us a unique perspective on what our customers need and how we can add value to our products and services.

The Eclipse Customer and Marketing Portal

Eclipse customers have access to numerous training, webinar, and instructional videos to get the most out of our innovative products. In addition, Eclipse provides marketing materials that our customers can use in their practice to help inform and educate their patients about our products.

Product training guides, videos, and tip sheets are part of not only our in-servicing but also our CME. As product offerings and technology changes, and new treatment, trends, and research becomes available, it is critical that you and your staff stays knowledgeable of how to maximize the products and regimens that you have at your disposal. Through the marketing portal, Eclipse gives you a holistic range of educational and informative materials in different formats so that your practice can stay on the leading edge of the industry.

In addition, Eclipse offers webinars on treatment regimens by industry leaders using Eclipse products. The insight provided not only showcases the how’s and why’s of product usage, but also how it can be utilized to the benefit of your practice.

Finally, customers have access to the Eclipse video library. In addition to being a repository to all training videos, it also contains trouble shooting and common questions that are easy to access and reference.

And through it all, our Customer Support team is available to address any immediate questions or needs from our customers. To talk to a customer support team member, click here.