Q: Is MicroGlide HA™ safe to put on my skin?

Yes. MicroGlide HA™ is specifically designed to aid in the hydration of the skin in conjunction with skin-care applications.

Q: How quickly can I see improvements in my skin?

In conjunction with the skin care applications provided by your health care professional, visible suppleness of the skin have been reported by patients within the first few weeks.

Q: Can I use cosmetics or sunscreen over MicroGlide HA™?

For patients utilizing MicroGlide HA™ as part of their skin-care regimen after a procedure, it is advised to consult your provider for full instructions. In general, MicroGlide HA™ may be applied over clean skin in the morning and evening. Cosmetics may be worn. Sunscreen may also be used and is highly recommended.

Q: Can MicroGlide HA™ be used everywhere on the face?

MicroGlide HA™ can be used on the face and neck, but it is advised to avoid the eyes. The eyelid area may be more sensitive. If irritation develops, reduce the frequency of application to the eyelids. Should you have any questions, consult your provider.

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