Q: What are the characteristics of the Magic Needle?

The MAGIC NEEDLE is a micro-cannula designed for all types of fillers in cosmetic procedures.

  • A rounded extremity, which allows the cannula to slide through tissue
  • An innovative screw type hub for a better cannula attachment
  • A lateral hole with an indicator on the hub ‘MN’ to show orientation of the port for an homogenous application of product
  • Perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity allowing control of injection depth and direction
  • Excellent manufacturing quality due to new techniques for controlling granularity and an innovative surface treatment, producing high precision micro-cannula
  • Adaptable to each treatment area; face, legs, arms, hands, neckline, etc.
  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • New technique for new sensations. Patients will be more at ease
  • Reduction of the risk of ecchymosis . Rounded extremity reduces risk of ecchymosis and intra-vascular injection
  • Use of a single entry point. A single puncture to complete more than twenty injections through the same point
  • Perfect control of injection depth. The injection technique allows perfect control of the depth of the injection
  • An excellent application in the skin. Harmonious distribution and homogeneity of the injection
  • Rapidity of procedure. With a single puncture site for a wider treatment zone and using the a-traumatic sliding technique, procedures are quick and have broad coverage

Q: How do you use the Magic Needle?

We have created a new injection concept called the FAN-SHAPE injection.

Fan-Shape Technique Allows:

  • Fast, quality injections, minimized ecchymosis
  • Broad distribution of product
  • Smooth finish

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