The Ideal Aesthetic Micro Cannula for Fillers

In cosmetic procedures, physicians traditionally use a rigid, sharp classic blunt-tip needle. Unfortunately, such needles tend to induce pain and ecchymosis, necessitating increased recovery time. The MAGIC NEEDLE is designed to gently slide into the skin.

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DISADVANTAGES with the Blunt Tip Needle

Limited choice of handling: the injection technique will be rectilinear as the rigid hypodermic needle or cannula has to follow a straight-line trajectory. The sharp hypodermic will also cut the skin. This technique may cause bleeding and/or other side effects, even when performed by the most skilled physician.


There is a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility that allows the practitioner to control the movement. The MAGIC NEEDLE is designed to gently slide into the skin.

The MAGIC NEEDLE allows for a perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity allowing control of injection depth and direction.

Innovative Injection Concept

Three Phase Injection Technique:

1. With the starter needle, the practitioner makes a small single entry puncture corresponding to a caliber higher than the MAGIC NEEDLE.

2. The MAGIC NEEDLE is inserted into the skin using a sliding movement. In order for the needle to slide, the skin has to be stretched in the opposite direction to that in which the MAGIC NEEDLE is moving.

3. Once the MAGIC NEEDLE is in position, the injection is performed in a retrograde manner by progressively withdrawing the MAGIC NEEDLE.


Minimizes Pain

Minimizes Risk of Necrosis

Minimizes Recovery Time

Permits a Better Application